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"I am EXTREMELY impressed with the energy boost on top of feeling like I'm on some all time happy mood high!"

- Jennifer -

"It's like drinking a glass of really good wine after 9 months of no alcohol. I feel relaxed, giggly, and even chatty!" 

- Cheyenne -

"I was on antidepressants but weaned off because they made me really sick so this product has been a true blessing!" 

- Another (Mom) -

Q: Is it safe for me to use MYMOOD® Vitamins while I breastfeed?

A: YES! All the ingredients are safe for you to use while breastfeeding. However we always recommend you consult your healthcare provider before adding any new supplements to your diet. 

Q: Can I take MYMOOD® Vitamins if I'm already taking an antidepressant? 

A: It Depends. MYMOOD® Vitamins contain St John Wart and 5-HTP which naturally increase your serotonin levels. Since having to much serotonin released at one time can be problematic, we highly recommend you discuss it with your healthcare provider before adding MYMOOD® Vitamins to your 
daily routine if you are in fact already using an antidepressant regularly. 

Q: Can I take MYMOOD® Vitamins instead of my antidepressants? 

A: Absolutely Not. If you are currently taking an antidepressant of any kind we do NOT recommend you stop doing so without the guidance and supervision of a medical professional. 

Q: Can I take MYMOOD® Vitamins if I am pregnant? 

A: Yes! Since all of the ingredients in MYMOOD Vitamins are all-natural and of the highest quality available they are considered safe to use during pregnancy. As with any new vitamin or supplement though, we do recommend you discuss the ingredients list with your Midwife or Doctor and make sure that combining your prenatal vitamins with your MYMOOD Vitamins wont cause you to ingest to much of a specific ingredient. MYMOOD Vitamins are also NOT a good replacement for a prenatal vitamin. 

Q: Are there any side effects I should expect? 

A: Most moms experience no side effects when using MYMOOD Vitamins however, a very small percentage of moms experience headaches or nausea so if you notice this happening an easy fix is to take your vitamins right before bed instead of in the morning. 

Q: How are MYMOOD Vitamins different and why do we need them?

A: Here's the thing, MYMOOD Vitamins are the first EVER all-natural supplement specifically designed to help alleviate the symptoms of postpartum anxiety and depression. Yes there are other supplements out there for anxiety and there are others out there for depression, but we have worked with a group of skilled professionals to combine 25 different vitamins, minerals, and herbs that scientific analysis confirms hold back negative mood transmitters, alleviate mood swings, balance hormones, and help you regain a natural state of calm all while keeping our focus on the moms we serve. Which for me meant the product didn't just have to work, it had to be safe to take while breastfeeding and it had to be 100% plant based. 

So MYMOOD Vitamins are different because they have been developed specifically for moms by a mom who has been there. And we need them because we need options. Before I set out on my mission to bring MYMOOD Vitamins to life the only options we had were therapy and antidepressants. 

Now let me be very clear, therapy is an incredible tool and should absolutely be a normal part of postpartum healing. 

There is also absolutely nothing wrong with taking antidepressants if you and your healthcare provider agree that that is what is in you and your families best interest.

But for the moms like me who really want to avoid medication or whose symptoms are not severe enough to be medicated, well those moms deserve a viable option too, and now they have one. 

Q: If someone is dealing with depression but not postpartum, would MYMOOD Vitamins still be beneficial? 

A: The quick answer is yes however, It's important to understand that there are many possible causes of depression, including faulty mood regulation by the brain, genetic vulnerability, stressful life events like say... a pandemic, medications, and even underlying medical conditions so though MYMOOD Vitamins can help, discussing your symptoms with a doctor is really important. 

And the same goes for anxiety. MYMOOD Vitamins are an incredible tool for battling anxiety regardless of if you've had a child recently or not. But if your symptoms are impacting your daily life then it may be time to see a doctor.
For moms experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of Postpartum Anxiety and Depression MYMOOD® Vitamins are a revolutionary advancement in postpartum care. For mom's experiencing more sever symptoms however, medication and talk therapy may still be needed to see complete relief.  

Don't be afraid to discuss your symptoms with your doctor and educate yourself on all the available 
options for treatment.

If you are not sure who to call to get more information, a great option is Postpartum Support International.
When you contact their HelpLine, you will be asked to leave a confidential message and a trained and caring volunteer will return your call or text. They will listen, answer questions, offer encouragement and connect you with local professional resources as needed.

Call or Text the HelpLine
1-800-944-4773 (4PPD) #1 En Español or #2 English
Text in English: 800-944-4773
Text en Español: 971-203-7773

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